The Hotline has been set up to aid urgent contact between show organisers and competitors. The KC have confirmed that a cancellation message to the Hotline, together with messages posted to the various web sites where possible, will be deemed sufficient notice of cancellation to competitors, as the Hotline is available to everyone at all times.

Schedule requirements for using the Hotline

You will need to add the following rule to your schedule:

In case of cancellation of the show within 7 days of the show date, notification will be sent to the relevant web sites where possible and notified to the iSS Show Hotline 07532 11 11 57. It will be the competitor's responsibility to check with the Hotline and/or the Web sites, if continuation of the show is in doubt.

You should also state your Show’s cancellation policy with regard to refunds – this is a requirement whether or not you use the Hotline.

Displaying the Hotline logo on your paperwork will help to let competitors know you are using it, but is not mandatory. Display the logo by clicking here and then right-click on it and use 'Save Picture As...'.

Sending your message to the Hotline

Messages can be sent by SMS text to the Hotline number or by email to in the following format:

Show Name
Contact Name
Message Body

Your message will be recorded onto the Hotline number for you. We reserve the right not to publish a message, at our discretion. It is your responsibility to keep the Hotline message up to date via text or email messages to us.

Contacting the Hotline

The Hotline number is a non-answering number. If you want to speak to us in more detail than your message can contain the following and then text to the Hotline number:

Show Name
Your Name
Your number for contacting.

We will then ring you back.
Alternatively you can email us at

Messages you can post

We will accept messages concerning cancellations and last minute changes regarding getting to the site (but not just change of judge or similar) for shows occurring within the following seven days. We will also post confirmation messages for shows in doubt, within the same time scale.

We will post ‘Camping Full’ messages at any time.

For Limited shows we will post ‘Entries Full’ messages at any time.