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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will it cost me to register?

Nothing at all, registration is absolutely free


Can we register separately if we want to?

Of course, but you will need different email addresses and each dog must only be on one registration


I'm having problems registering

To complete registration and receive a confirmation email with details of your Log-in ID, you must complete at least your address details.

Your Log-in ID within the confirmation email, can then be used to gain entry to the site where you may add your dogs details if you did not do so during registration.

Should you need any further assistance please contact us


Why have I not received my registration log-in details?

The most common reason is that an incorrect e-mail address has been used. If the e-mail address is wrong, we cannot contact you.
Please contact us to inform us that you have not received your details, and we can reply to the correct e-mail address and amend the one you originally recorded on the Site.
Alternatively, many ISPs, particularly AOL, send unidentified e-mails straight to a Junk or Spam e-mail folder. You should check this folder before contacting us, as subsequent e-mails could be affected in the same way.
To ensure our e-mails get to you, please add to your e-mail Address Book or Safe List.


How do I add a dog to my registration?

Log in to the site and select the My Dog's Details menu bar item – then select the Add a dog button completing those details as recorded at the Kennel Club.


My dog has just “won out of” – what do I have to do?

Well done! Choose the My Dog's Details menu bar item and select the dog in question and then change it's grade.
Don't forget to contact the Processor of any shows you have already entered that start within 25 days of your win - you must change your grade for those. You must contact them earlier than 14 days before the show starts


How do I remove a dog from my registration?

Log in to the site and select the My Dog's Details menu bar item – then click on the appropriate dogs name. The next screen will display all the details of that particular dog with options to amend these details, change the owner details or remove the dog from your iSS account.


How do I pay?

There are several different ways to pay, but in all cases IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU QUOTE YOUR LOG-IN ID to ensure monies are correctly allocated to your account.

Monies can be deposited into your iShowServices account by one of the following:

  • PAY IN at any HSBC branch - just complete a paying-in slip, making sure you quote the iShowServices Sort Code 40-44-20, Account No. 21447459 and your Log-in ID as reference (which will have been e-mailed to you at registration), to ensure that your account is credited correctly.
  • OVERSEAS PAYMENTS - Bank: HSBC plc,100 High Street,Tonbridge. TN0 1AN
    IBAN - GB06MIDL40442021447459, BIC - MIDLGB2159V, Sort Code - 404420, Account no - 21447459
  • TELEPHONE or INTERNET BANKING - set iShowServices up as a payee (exactly the same as you would for your other bills), be sure to quote your Log-in ID as reference so we can make sure your account is credited.
  • STANDING ORDER - if you wish to build up a credit balance, set up a standing order, be sure to quote your Log-in ID for reference purposes.
  • PAYPAL - after logging into the site you may make a payment to your account using a credit/debit card. There is no charge for using this method.
  •           SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe

Full details of your account can be seen by selecting "My Account" after logging in. All debits and credits will be listed. If you have any queries regarding your account, please contact us.


What should I do if I have made a payment to my account but it is not shown?

If you have deposited funds and they do not appear on your account, them please contact us immediately.
We have particular problems with payments made over the counter, as the login ID is not always passed on by HSBC,
Co-op banks pass on your account number and not your login id
and Lloyds/TSB require you to contact them first to set up the payment details correctly.


About iSS

Internet Show Services Ltd is the concept of June Richardson

June has been involved in Agility as a competitor, instructor and show organiser since the mid 1980's. Originally a Systems Designer and Analyst, it was while helping to manually process show entries for Tunbridge Wells way back when, that June struck on the idea of ‘there must be a better way’ and Agility Aid was born, taking agility on it's first steps down the long digital highway. Agility Aid has been providing show processing services ever since (now in the capable ownership of James Greenhow). Most of the paperwork - and some of the classes - seen at shows today are as a result of Agility Aid.

June's next innovation was the Agility Aid Show Diary (later to become the iSS Show Diary). Launched in 1998 it has helped so many people plan their year's agility shows.

In 2002 June created internet Show Services Limited, known by everyone simply as iSS, to bring online show entries to agility and make life even easier for everyone. There are now many processors receiving online entries, and iSS is currently undergoing a major refurbishment to bring you it's next exciting development. is the internet presence of Internet Show Services Limited.
A company registered in England, no. 04495465.
Registered office: 1 Nursery Close, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4JH


Last updated January 2018