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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will it cost me to register?

We levy a small annual registration fee to cover the storage of your and your dog's details. These are then retrieved and displayed on the screen every time you enter a show - therefore you enter them only once no matter how many shows you enter. Championship eligibility also only needs recording once.

Annual registration is £2 for your details and £1 for each competing dog in your household that you register. These fees become due on each anniversary of entering your first show with us. Dogs registered as NFC are free and are passed through automatically with every show you enter.
For each show you enter we charge a 50p administration fee - cheaper than a stamp and an envelope!


What are the benefits of entering a show the iSS way?

Many. But in particular, once you have registered it will only take you a few clicks of your mouse to enter a show.

When you choose a show to enter, after the declaration and any camping, a drop down list of the dogs you have registered is displayed - select the dog you wish to enter, and the classes for which it is eligible appear. If you do not wish to enter any particular class, de-select that class.

Details of your entry including fees are shown on your Home Page and will be sent to you by email - leaving you to arrange payment (if not sufficiently in credit) by whichever means you choose (see the How do I Pay FAQ) - and that's all there is to it. You may view your entry right up until midnight of the day of the show. If you are able to enter camping on-line, then you have your spot! Just sit back and wait for your running orders and camping pass to arrive - or with some shows you can opt out of paying return postage and download your own ring cards and ring plan when ready!

No more trying to source a schedule and entry form. No more finding your dog's registration details. No more filling in your name & address. No more envelopes and stamps.


Do all the handlers/owners in our household have to register separately?

No. All handlers and dogs that reside at the same address may use one registration.

Only one person need register per household. This will be the person to which ring cards will be returned prior to the show. You can register all the dogs in the household with their usual handler, even if the dogs are under different ownership which also can be recorded.

When you enter a show, you will be given an option to change the handler for any dog and class combination.


Can we register separately if we want to?

Of course, but you will be charged separate annual registration fees, and show entry admin and postage fees.


Will I be able to enter all shows on-line?

You will only be able to enter those shows choosing to use the iSS service. We constantly market our service to show organisers and many are choosing to use iSS. By the summer of 2013 we have hosted over 700 Kennel Club licensed shows.
We also host FAB shows and many independent ones.

If you belong to a club that is holding a show next year, why not tell them about the service as there are many benefits to show organisers as well.


I'm having problems registering

To complete registration and receive a confirmation email with details of your Log-in ID, you must complete at least your address details.

Your Log-in ID within the confirmation email, can then be used to gain entry to the site where you may add your dogs details if you did not do so during registration.

Should you need any further assistance please contact us


Why have I not received my registration log-in details?

The most common reason is that an incorrect e-mail address has been used. If the e-mail address is wrong, we cannot contact you.
Please contact us to inform us that you have not received your details, and we can reply to the correct e-mail address and amend the one you originally recorded on the Site.
Alternatively, many ISPs, particularly AOL, send unidentified e-mails straight to a Junk or Spam e-mail folder. You should check this folder before contacting us, as subsequent e-mails could be affected in the same way.
To ensure our e-mails get to you, please add to your e-mail Address Book or Safe List.


How do I add a dog to my registration?

Log in to the site and select the My Dog's Details menu bar item – then select the Add a dog button completing those details as recorded at the Kennel Club. Puppies should be added when they have their KC no. and are 4 months old, and will automatically be added NFC to any entries you make for a show.


My dog has just “won out of” – what do I have to do?

First of all choose the My Dog's Details menu bar item and select the dog in question and then change it's grade.
Then for any show that is affected select the Amend/Change button alongside the showname on your Home Page.
For some shows where there are a choice of classes or where you have chosen not to enter all available, the best option is to cancel one dogs entries and then re-enter the appropriate classes.
Once the show has closed you need to select the Grade Change button alongside the showname. If this option does not change your grade correctly please contact us with the following details: Your log-in ID, the show name, the dog’s name, the class numbers to cancel and the replacement class numbers required. Amendments required through change in height or dog classification will be made free of charge. Where a show has already closed and we had not received notification of your wins, it may be necessary to refer you to the Show Secretary who will refer to the appropriate regulation on notification when winning out.


How do I remove a dog from my registration?

Log in to the site and select the My Dog's Details menu bar item – then click on the appropriate dogs name. The next screen will display all the details of that particular dog with options to amend these details, change the owner details or remove the dog from your iSS account.
If the dog is entered in shows that have not yet happened you will be redirected to the Contact Us page, which you must then forward on to the iSS administrator.


How can I cancel/amend entries I have made?

When you log into the site, the first page you see is your Home Page. If the show has not closed, there will be an Amend/Cancel button alongside the showname. Clicking this button will take you to options to:

  • Cancel the entire show entry (which will also remove camping, offer of help etc)
  • Add to your entry (e.g. didn't enter all dogs previously or need to add another nights camping)
  • Cancel one dog's individual class entries (e.g. moved up a Grade and need to choose different classes or switching to Allsorts)
  • Amend Pairs entries - if applicable to that show


I entered a show and then paid by card but my confirmation email says "Insufficient Funds"?

If you enter a show with insufficient credit in your account then an email is generated to that affect and sent immediately upon completion of your entry. Paying by card straight after entering a show does not stop the email being sent.
However, your Home Page always shows the true state of your entries and can be viewed 24/7 right up until the show has taken place.


What happens if insufficient funds are in my account at closing date?

You will be notified of “Possible Cancellation” by e-mail (or by SMS text if you have provided a mobile number in your details).
However, if your entry remains unpaid after 5 days from close of entries, then we shall have no alternative but to cancel your entries without further notice. It is your responsibility to check your account and ensure that payment has gone through. We cannot he held responsible for payments made that we have been unable to identify and therefore not updated your Account within the timescale. You may log in at any time from any computer with internet access using your log-in ID and password to check your account balance and view your account statement. Your Home Page clearly identifies which shows remain unpaid, and the amount required to deposit.


How do I pay?

There are several different ways to pay, but in all cases IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU QUOTE YOUR LOG-IN ID to ensure monies are correctly allocated to your account.

The fees that are owed when you enter a show are shown on your Home Page with more details shown on the My Account page.
These are also detailed in a show entry confirmation email sent at the time of entering.

Monies can be deposited into your iShowServices account by one of the following:

  • PAY IN at any HSBC branch - just complete a paying-in slip, making sure you quote the iShowServices Sort Code 40-44-20, Account No. 21447459 and your Log-in ID as reference (which will have been e-mailed to you at registration), to ensure that your account is credited correctly.
  • OVERSEAS PAYMENTS - Bank: HSBC plc,100 High Street,Tonbridge. TN0 1AN
    IBAN - GB06MIDL40442021447459, BIC - MIDLGB2159V, Sort Code - 404420, Account no - 21447459
  • TELEPHONE or INTERNET BANKING - set iShowServices up as a payee (exactly the same as you would for your other bills), be sure to quote your Log-in ID as reference so we can make sure your account is credited.
  • STANDING ORDER - if you wish to build up a credit balance, so the larger show entry fees don't come as a shock to your bank balance - set up a standing order, be sure to quote your Log-in ID for reference purposes.
  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - after logging into the site you may make a payment to your account using a credit/debit card. Please note, however, there is a 4% handling fee for using this method.
  •           SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe

Full details of your account can be seen by selecting "My Account" after logging in. All debits and credits will be listed. If you have any queries regarding your account, please contact us.


What should I do if I have made a payment to my account but it is not shown?

If you have deposited funds and they do not appear on your account, them please contact us immediately.
We have particular problems with payments made over the counter, as the login ID is not always passed on by HSBC.
For example: Co-op banks pass on your account number and not your login id
and Lloyds/TSB require you to contact them first to set up the payment details correctly.


Are the Kennel Club happy to accept entries this way?

Yes. At the time of entering a show you will have to accept a Declaration. This is your contract with the club that you will abide by current KC Regulations and the Rules of the show and is the same as the declaration found on current paper entry forms. If you do not accept the Declaration, you cannot submit an entry to the show.


About Us

iShowServices provides internet entry for shows which can then be passed to the show secretary as fully printed entry forms for further processing or direct to an appropriate show processing provider. iShowServices recommends Agility Aid for show processing, which provides full show processing services such as running orders, ring cards, calling sheets, score sheets etc. but other show processors may be used.
iShowServices provides entries that are accurate with regard to handler and dog details, entry fees and number and type of individual classes entered. As the iShowServices registration database grows, pairs and team entries will carry the same accuracy.

iShowServices is the internet presence of Internet Show Services Ltd.
A company registered in England, no. 04495465.
Registered office: 1 Nursery Close, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4JH

Internet Show Services Ltd is run by three people who have been involved in show organisation for a combined total of close to 70 years at its inception. Between them they have held posts such as Competition Manager, Show Secretary, Show Treasurer as well as ring manager, scoreboard steward, judge and scribe. Even pole picker-upper! These people know show organisation inside out!

June Richardson – involved in Agility as a competitor, instructor and show organiser since the mid 1980's. Originally a Systems Designer and Analyst, it was while helping to manually process show entries for Tunbridge Wells that June then struck on the idea of ‘there must be a better way’ and hence Agility Aid was born. Agility Aid has been providing show processing services for 18 years and is the leader in this field. Most of the paperwork - and some of the classes - seen at shows today are as a result of Agility Aid, and iShowServices is their latest innovation. June is show entry technical advisor for iShowServices.

Kate Austin – involved in Agility as a competitor since the early 1980's and as a show organiser since 1984. Kate has been show secretary for Thames DTC agility and obedience shows and the Agility Club agility weekends. Kate has worked with show entry processing with Agility Aid for several years. Kate is responsible for the administration of iShowServices and deals with any queries and updates to information on this site.

Dave Jolly – involved in agility as a competitor since 1981 and as a show organiser since the early 1980's. Dave has helped organise agility shows for Ribble, BATS and more recently Thames DTC and the Agility Club. Dave has held the position of Competition Manager over a dozen times, and when not involved with dogs providing agility training through Jolly Good Dogs, runs his own computer consultancy. Dave is webmaster for iShowServices.


Last updated May 2013